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Rose Spa Pedicure Set: 4-Step Procedure at Home or Salon Package

Rose Spa Pedicure Set : 4-Step Procedure

4 Steps to Relax & Reduce Swollen Feet

  1. Pink Salt Soak softens callused skin, promotes blood flow, relaxes mind, and body.
  2. Peeling Scrub gently peels away at dead over worked skin to reveal younger, smoother, and brighter skin.
  3. Cream Masque locks in moisture for long lasting comfort and quality skin care.
  4. Massage Lotion reveals the finishing touches by allowing maximum hydration to settle in and guide you to a healthier life journey.

6, 12, 24 Packs come with a FREE Jeju Pumice Stone made from Volcanic Rock.

"Major Key" Benefits include:

  • muscle and joint recovery
  • anti-inflammation
  • relaxation
  • deodorization
  • fights chances of bacterial and fungal infection

Creation of the BEST "Foot Care Specialists" and composed in a highly controlled skin care laboratory.

Directions: Use daily or as much as needed. Each pack is meant for single use.

Korean Made, K-Beauty

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Customer Reviews

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Donna Sampson
The Rose Spa Pedicure Set

Sani+Spa Rose Spa Pedicure Set is the best in the market in my opinion. The scent of roses is on point, fresh & delicate as if I'm in a rose garden. I get this product exclusively for 1 client who only wears rose scent & she loves it so much. It would be so nice if you had other fragrances to choose from as well. Thank you so much!

Hair’s Where It’s At Salon

Didn’t use it yet lol

Fantastic feeling leaving my feet and legs feeling silky!

I was introduced to this rose spa by my neighborhood salon and wanted to give it a try at home as well! still works really well along with hot water after a long dayy so amazing!!!

soothing and calming rose scent

my local nail salon uses these pedicure kits and i found out they also sell them to use at home! post pregnancy had my feet very swollen and aches from standing around all day at work. rose spa pedicure kit has all the best quality lotions creams and scrubs! works wonders for my feet muscles and skin! :D

Amazing at the Salon or Your Home

For you, or a loved one. Experience Rose Spa Therapy with amazing health benefits. Muscle and joint recovery are major key benefits as well as relaxation, deodorization and bacteria elimination. Enjoy a relaxing time at home and pamper yourself whenever you please. Perfect for softening hardened skin and muscles or simply to calm your mind and body.

Increase Blood Circulation & Rejuvenate Energy

The swelling of your feet is a sign of stress and blood flow trouble. Anti-inflammatory, stress relief and muscle relaxation are just a few of our health benefiting properties from our K-Beauty Salt Soak, Peeling Scrub, Cream Mask & Massage Lotion. Soften your callused skin, Detox your Mind and Body to keep a healthy lifestyle. Improve blood circulation to promote digestion and prevent skin care trouble to achieve your best quality of life.

Harmful products can damage your body. Our Rose Spa Formula is made in a lab by chemists with the safest ingredients available in South Korea.