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Certified KN95 (Pack of 20, Individually Packaged): GB2626-2006 Respirator Mask

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Standard Disposable KN95 Mask (Respirator) by Sani+Spa

CDC APPROVED * FDA/CE Certification * GB2626-2006

Uses: For filtering environmental emergencies, dust, or mold. Protects against droplets and particles.

Description: Can help filter droplets and particles by blocking out >95% of - if worn correctly.

  • Adjustable metal nose clip for maximum coverage.
  • Filtered air ducts for breathing without compromising health and safety.
  • Global standard

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Stay safe and thank you.

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Customer Reviews

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One of the original KN used during 2020!

This company Sani+Spa was one of the FIRST companies to provide and donate to nurses and hospitals during early pandemic! Thank you for your service! Will always support!